Outdoor NFL football in Minnesota…oh how we’ve missed you!

I’m anxiously anticipating Monday, December 20th – the night in which outdoor NFL football returns to Minnesota for the first time since 1981.  I was only 10 years old when ‘The Purple People Eaters’ packed up and moved downtown Minneapolis to the indoor climate-controlled comforts of the H.H.H Metrodome, but I had already experienced some of my fondest childhood memories at the infamous Metropolitan Stadium.  Bundled up in a snowmobile suit and toting around a thermos of hot chocolate, even at a young age I knew that I’d be a loyal Vikings fan forever.  So, welcome back outdoor football!  We’re all very excited to make your acquaintance again next Monday at TCF Stadium.  Hopefully this will be a glimpse of what’s to come in the near future for our beloved Norsemen…football the way it’s meant to be played!

One Response to “Outdoor NFL football in Minnesota…oh how we’ve missed you!”
  1. karlieanne says:

    Very cool photos! I look forward to seeing how the rest of your site shapes up. Happy Wednesday!

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